Individual and Family Memberships

An individual or family membership in the  Museum of Art offers a variety of annually renewable membership categories. All members receive the basic benefits listed below.

Benefits of Individual and Family Membership

  • Free subscription to the bi-monthly “Museum News” newsletter
  • Free subscription to the quarterly Museum Art School “Schedule of Classes”
  • A members-only invitation to all Special Exhibition Previews
  • An invitation to the annual Art Ball
  • 10% discounts on Museum Gift Gallery items and Facilities Rentals
  • Discounts on Museum Art School classes
  • Reduced admission to the monthly “Cliff Rock Friday” music fests

Patron and Benefactor Memberships — Additional Benefit

  • A Reciprocal Membership in other Ohio museums.

Corporate Memberships

A corporate membership in the  Museum of Art presents your Mountain lakes back doctor business with a unique opportunity to take advantage of the many services offered by the museum while at the same time supporting this important community asset. The Sycamore Room, equipped with audio/visual and kitchen facilities and a lovely view of scenic Cliff Park, is an ideal setting for that special business meeting or luncheon. Co-sponsorship of the museum’s popular gallery exhibitions will enhance your corporate image through association with a high-profile cultural event. Your employees will appreciate the discounts in their individual and family memberships made possible through your corporate participation. And, you will look forward to a little T.G.I.F. at our “Cliff Rock Fridays” or to networking with your colleagues at the annual Corporate Appreciation event. The complete package of corporate benefits includes:

Race Walking and Its Benefits

Race walking provides the same cardiovascular benefits as running, and like running, it can be done at any speed. The aim of both sports or any aerobic activity is to keep the heart rate to the athlete’s maximum, as long as your heart rate is maintained at the same rate and for the same period of time.
Unlike running, the race walker also gets a good upper body work out due to the use of the back, arms and shoulders. It also tones the leg muscles.
With walking, the body lands with much less force than in running which makes our joints less prone to pounding on the back and the knees. Many runners, in fact, turn to race walking to continue their athletic careers after sustaining a running injury.

In a report (March 2001) Professor Klaas Wertersterp conducted a study of 30 men and women at Maastricht University. Whilst the subjects were walking “normally” and not race walking, the study revealed that frequent walking at a brisk pace of 8km an hour burns off as much energy as jogging at the same pace and more energy than short bursts of vigorous activity, such as a session at the gym.

Regular walking has many positive benefits.
It can improve your:
Weight Control
Life expectancy
It can reduce the risk of:
Coronary heart disease
High blood pressure
Bowel Cancer
Alzheimer’s disease

think about it and join PumpFit Club for a real power walk.

Walking, whether it’s race walking or strolling, it is a great way to relieve tension, it’s relatively gentle on the joints and for all those injured runners (or other intense sports) out there, it is a good way to get your fitness fix.

In a nutshell, walking is …

 excellent for general fitness…

 strengthens the hips, gluteus muscles, quadriceps & hamstrings….

 accessible to everyone

 at speedier paces – the heart rate is elevated, thus burning off more calories..


Walking performance isn’t just a matter of hard jump rope training; it should also include attention to nutrition, muscular strength, and flexibility. A tight muscle is an inefficient muscle. It cannot elongate and contract quickly to make a joint move or function within its full range of motion. When a muscle’s range of movement is restricted, that muscle becomes weaker and more prone to injury. Power is the combination of strength and flexibility. As a coach and personal trainer, I can attest to the fact that decreased flexibility is a leading cause of injury and reduced performance.
Experts acknowledge a biological decrease in natural flexibility as a person ages. Researchers tell us that a decline in flexibility means a decline in stability, balance, and mobility. Follow the axiom “Move it or lose it!”
Most walkers seem to recognize the need to minimally stretch the muscles of their legs. But what about the rest of the body? Tension in the lower back, shoulders, chest or neck can constrict breathing, which impacts the flow of oxygen to working muscles. A tight upper body can adversely affect walking posture, and inhibit the smooth flow of forward movement. Tightness in the hamstring muscles and Achilles tendons, along with weak abdominal muscles, can cause serious back problems. Inflexible upper body muscles can disrupt the coordination between arms and legs. Stretching lengthens these tissues and restores their range of motion and flexibility. Just 10 minutes a day of stretching exercises can prevent injury.
As you walk, your body makes thousands of adjustments or adaptations from head to foot. The body seeks balance and has an incredible capacity to adapt and adapt and adapt until it can adapt no more, resulting in frustration or injury. For the process of walking to be repeated efficiently, the musculoskeletal system must be remarkably well-coordinated above the waist as well as below. Without a well-functioning upper body, it is impossible to develop a well-functioning lower body.

Stretching Guidelines
Here are a few rules for stretching. Warm-up first by walking a few minutes so that the muscles are somewhat loose. Muscle, tendon, and ligament elasticity depends on the presence of warm blood. Cold connective tissues are more susceptible to damage.
Never bounce while stretching and do not stretch to the point where you feel pain. This could cause muscle tissues to tear. Make sure you feel the stretch in the muscle not in the joints. The key to developing good flexibility is to relax,  hold each stretch where you feel a slight pull for 15 – 20 seconds. Relax totally, stretch again for 15 – 30 seconds. (Only a relaxed muscle will allow itself to be stretched.) It is ok to stretch daily.
Flexibility is an individual matter. “Make the most of where you are,” as with everything else, genetics does make a difference

Science tells us that stretching is a necessary component in attaining flexibility. A flexible body is more efficient, is more easily trained for strength, endurance and performance. A flexible body enjoys more range of motion, stays balanced more easily, is less prone to injury, recovers more quickly and feels better. Utilize the fall and winter months to create the stretching habit to be a part of your walking program and feel the difference.

Scuba Diving in Fiji

There are only a few truly magical places left in the world and double for great fitness training, most of which are arduous to reach. Not so are the Fijian Islands. Direct international flights from North America, Australia, Japan, and Europe make getting here a snap.

Comprised of over 300 islands strewn in clusters among warm, tropical South Pacific waters, Fiji encompasses over 49,000 square miles of which 86 percent is ocean. Boasting visibility that leaps beyond 100 feet and waters that hover around 80 F, the Republic of Fiji is a unique locale by any standards. Fiji’s immense seascape is matched only by her topside landscape and people, both equally intoxicating and entwined in the culture and rhythm of this waterworld paradise. Underwater, expect to be blown away. An idyllic haven for diving and snorkeling, crystal clear waters teem with tropical fish in every imaginable color. Fiji is the “Soft Coral Capital of the World” with its dramatic walls covered with electric hues of orange, red, pink, and white-fringed by purple, inviting divers to explore an incredible diversity of dive sites so numerous, that you couldn’t possibly see them all in a lifetime.

Altavista updates News search

AltaVista has enhanced the features of its news search engine. It now gives give users even greater functionality when searching news articles. Visitors can now search AltaVista’s comprehensive news index specifically for articles with images.

Now, the users of Altavista search engine can limit their search to articles within a specific date range, which is useful not only for in-depth research in the news index, but also for very targeted information needs in a given period of time.

The new parameters helps users to better locate their search for articles from AltaVista’s index of over four million articles from 3,000 sources, worldwide.

Combining these new features with the existing set of powerful refinement options such as search by date, topic, region or specific source, gives the user even more power and functionality for news searches.

The new options in our News search further extend our leadership position in this area, as we execute on our long term plan to provide the most comprehensive search experience on the Web for digital marketing companies in Orlando.

How to make your wedding photo booth more appealing

An Orlando photo booth has become an essential element at most weddings these days. It provides entertainment and produces some of the most fun pictures of the event. But its popularity also means that it is vital that a photo booth looks different from others and is special to the wedding.
Here are tips to make a photo booth stand out.
• Create a customized backdrop
When setting up the booth’s background design, you might want to consider that when people see the photographs later, you will want them immediately to identify the wedding at which they were taken.
One way to ensure this is the case is to choose a theme for the backdrop based on the wedding couple and their interests.
If the couple are avid surfers, for example, decorate the booth with surfboards, beach scenes and the name of their favorite surfing spot. Should they both be software designers, you could consider computer code or web designs as decoration. If both are into music, then trumpets, guitars and pictures of musical notes will work.
If the couple do not share any significant interests, you might want to select the location of the wedding as a theme. If it is at a seaside resort, you might select shells, towels, beach balls, or pictures of a beach crowded with umbrellas as a booth backdrop.
Add wigs, hats, beards and other props relating to the theme.
• Set up the booth in a highly visible place
Avoid placing the booth in an area that is not easily visible or is not likely to be frequented by the guests. If you do, people might find the booth only when the wedding is almost over, preventing them from enjoying it to the full. Some might never find it.
Instead, set up the booth near the dance floor or any spot when the guests are likely to gather during the celebration.
• Try to have the pictures printed on the spot
Apps and printers are available that enable pictures to be printed immediately after they are taken. If the guests have access to the pictures at the wedding, they will be more likely to keep them. Ideally, guests could have two copies — one to take home and the other to paste into a guest book, accompanied by a message.
Should you not be able to have the pictures printed at the wedding, mail them later with a special thank you for attending the wedding.

Ending The Morning Madness

Back-to-school time – what does that mean to you? For some people, it’s shopping for school supplies, gearing up for PTA meetings, and artwork taped to the refrigerator. For others, it’s the beginning of a constant struggle to get everyone up, ready, and out of the house on time. Morning should be an enjoyable time for you and your kids – not a battle of the wills or a race against the clock. But you can make the “morning mambo” go a lot smoother, with a little advance preparation and some good organizing techniques!  If you need some heavy duty help, an NYC closer organizer is here to help.

Planning ahead is especially important for bigger projects. How many times do you find yourself making a last-minute batch of cupcakes or sewing a costume for the school play 15 minutes before little Johnny is supposed to leave the house? As soon as you find out about a special event at school – a field trip, a class party, an awards banquet – you should note three different dates on your calendar. Mark the date you will buy the supplies, including a list of everything you need to get. Mark the date you will start your preparations – which could be days or weeks ahead of time, depending on the size of the project. Then mark the date the event occurs, with a list of everything you need to send to school with your child. The more you spill out of your head and onto your calendar, the less likely you are to forget something important.

Basic Search Engine Submittal Service

You want to establish a web presence, so, you want to ensure your website can get listed in different search engines. – Submit URL to search engines now!

Our Orlando SEO company can help and here’s what we do in regards to SEO

  1. Design an optimized Title and Meta Tag for your website. You have a better chance to get good positioning after we submit your website to search engines.
  2. Examine your website and ensure your HTML codes are correct. Your site cannot get listed by search engines if your HTML codes are improper.
  3. Submit your sites to 30 carefully selected search engines. Only search engines and not classified sites, FFA pages, Link pages, etc… Those sites simply cannot drive any visitors to your website. The search engines include Google, AltaVista, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, Althaea, info tiger, and other search engines with free submission option.

Get References From Friends and Coworkers

Your best resource is people you know. Ask around, look at other wedding albums. Do you like the photos and album color and construction? Are the photo colors bright and clear and all pictures in focus and dust free? Are the group photos nicely composed? Do the poses look fake, unnatural? Are wedding rings obscured? Is there detail in the bride’s gown and cake or are they too bright and washed out from an overexposed shot. Would you want that wedding album as your own? The photographer’s personality can make or break your wedding. I’ve heard horror stories from people claiming the photographer yelled at guests who were not posing quickly enough. A good experienced photographer is patient, professional, friendly, always smiling. Only this type of person can motivate a large group into action.

We were fortunate to see our photographer at work at a friend’s wedding before ours. He was always happy and smiling, having a good time. Don’t always trust the “bridal warehouse” or “bridal city” type operations with one stop shop “Wedding Packages” unless you are really sure of the photo booth’s reputation. Most hotels, resorts, caterers, etc. can recommend photographers as well, but beware, many caterers get kickbacks so you can’t always get an unbiased opinion. What does a cook know about photography? If they knew anything, they’d be photographers. Decent resorts don’t take kickbacks, but recommend photographers they know to be reliable, as their reputation is at stake also. Keep in mind that sample photos a resort may show you were throw aways given to them by the studio and may not be as good as the studio’s true ability. We all make throw away shots. OK, let’s go shopping!